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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Global Finance has ranked the safest and calmest states. In total in the list of 128 countries, Russia and Ukraine are located closer to the end - at 108th and 116th places, respectively.

The safest country, according to him, was Iceland. On the contrary, the experts considered Yemen and the Philippines the least secure states.

The assessment was made according to three criteria: “war and peace”, “personal security of citizens” and “risk of natural disasters”. Based on them, a common index was compiled (the smaller, the better), which demonstrates “a comprehensive view of security in each country,” explained Global Finance. Thus, the leader of the rating Iceland received only 6.16 points. The next Switzerland is 7.01. Finland closes the top three with 7.04.

In addition to these countries, the top ten safest countries included Portugal (7.07 points), Austria (7.0), Norway (7.27), Qatar (7.2), Singapore (7.34), and Denmark (7, 41). The tenth and eleventh places in the ranking were divided between themselves by New Zealand and Canada: the security index of these countries is 7.42, experts say.

In total, 16 of the 20 safest countries are located in Europe (exceptions are Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand and Canada), concluded in Global Finance. The reason for this was that the experts found a high level of economic development in these countries, which, in their opinion, “is little exposed to the risks of military conflicts or crime within the country.” The latter two factors are rated by the authors as “more controlled than, for example, the risks of natural disasters, which are often geographically determined”.

However, there are several exceptions among economically developed countries, the magazine notes. The United States in the Global Finance rankings are located almost in the middle (a total of 128 states in the list) and ranked 65th with an index of 10.3. This, as the authors of the material explained, is connected with the fact that the risk of “committing violent crimes” in the USA is higher than in other developed countries. In the United States, according to their data, a higher homicide rate, and this, in turn, reduces the level of personal safety and the protection of citizens.

In addition, due to the geographical location and size in the United States a higher risk of natural disasters, the publication notes. Japan also showed averages in the ranking among economically developed countries other than the United States (43rd place, 9.49 points).

The most dangerous states

At the opposite end of the list, countries that are generally exposed to threats from all three risk factors are usually in. These countries are often developing and located in areas with a high potential for natural disasters, experts explain. For example, in countries such as Guatemala (15.81), El Salvador (15.43) and Bangladesh (14.66), earthquakes often occur, they note, emphasizing that weak economic development in these countries is also associated with less personal safety citizens.

Global Finance has recognized the Philippines as the most unsafe country in the world (17.7). They have low rates in terms of peace, security and the prevalence of natural disasters, experts say. The penultimate line of the rating was occupied by Yemen (15.93). Such an assessment of its security is associated with war and famine, experts explain, noting that in this country there is nevertheless a low risk of natural disasters. Therefore, the Philippines occupy a lower place in the ranking than Yemen, despite the fact that the latter is a zone of military operations.

Russia in the safety rating of countries

Experts found the results of Russia (108th place, 12.94) and Ukraine (116th place, 13.91) unexpectedly as part of the study. Russia, in turn, according to experts, “has suffered from a high level of crime and threats to the world in the context of the economic downturn.” Turkey has a similar index of security. India is slightly higher than Russia, at 106th place (12.85 points), Cambodia is lower at 109th place ranking (12.96).


This is an automatic translation.
Click here to read the publication in the original language.

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