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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Emigration of pensioners from Russia: reasons and selection criteria

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Why do older people want to spend their old age abroad

The decision to change the place of residence is not simple, even at a young age, not to mention the period when, it would seem, it is time to stop and enjoy the peace. The complexity of the migration process lies in the fact that it is quite extended in time and requires a balanced approach.

To enjoy all the joys of living in a foreign country, it is necessary to go a long way of legalization, fulfill a number of conditions of the chosen state and prove your serious intentions.

It is easy to assume that emigration for pensioners from Russia was the result of not very satisfactory living conditions and the inadequate level of social security for the elderly, which we can observe today. In most cases, the social benefit that is paid upon retirement makes it possible, at best, to satisfy only the most basic needs.

Therefore, the main reasons for finding a better life are economically motivated. These include:

  • not too high standard of living in the state as a whole;
  • constantly growing tariffs for utilities;
  • expensive medicine, despite the fact that it is still conditionally free here;
  • increasing crime against the background of the low social status of many citizens.

All this is more than enough to come to a decision to look for happiness in foreign lands. The implementation of such a plan begins with the choice of the state, which will be the last refuge for the emigrant.

The main selection criteria can be called:

  • availability of medical care;
  • the cost of food and utilities;
  • ease of adaptation process;
  • the ability to quickly learn a language;
  • comfort of climatic conditions;
  • ease of legalization.

The latter criterion may be decisive, since not all countries are ready to accept foreign citizens who are no longer able to work in their care. The implementation of the idea of migration is based on the existence of a reason for moving, which allows you to get the very first document - a view of temporary residence.

So, in which countries are there any chances for Russian applicants to settle?

The main condition for pension migration is financial stability. This means that if the social payment received by a pensioner in Russia is too small, and there is not enough money to issue all the papers and purchase housing, then he will not be able to take part in the pension program. From this we can conclude: to migrate to another country, you must belong to the category of so-called wealthy retirees. Here is a list of countries that would be happy to accept such migrants.

  • mild climate and many health resorts;
  • high-quality and affordable medicine. The cost of insurance is approximately 150 euros per year;
  • lack of problems with understanding the local population. Most citizens tolerably speak Russian;
  • simple process of legalization. To obtain a residence permit, you must confirm the fact of owning your own real estate;
  • Bulgaria has agreements with the Russian Federation, which makes it possible to transfer its Russian pension to almost any bank in the country.

Not less popular is another Balkan state Montenegro. From the neighbor it is distinguished by higher real estate prices. On average, one square meter costs 1000 euros.

The ecology and climate of the country, which is one of the cleanest in Europe, is attractive to Russian pensioners; besides, the indicator of life expectancy here significantly exceeds other European ones.

Complete the process of legitimizing their status and work will not be. The disadvantages include expensive medicine. At the same time, public clinics are available exclusively for residents, immigrants from other countries, even if they own a residence permit, will have to be content with the services of private institutions.

There are many reasons to opt for this country. The main ones: tax breaks, low crime rate, suitable climate, affordable housing. You can become an owner of real estate here at an investment of approximately 1,300 euros per square meter.

Among the cons of living in Portugal are two:

  • the high cost of utilities;
  • expensive medicine.

It is interesting to know that, according to local law, payments to persons residing in the country for more than 5 years are not taxed for 10 years. The first deductions to the treasury of the state will be made only after this period.

Such a rush about resettlement to China is caused by the fact that the country is relatively inexpensive real estate. In addition, the cost of living here is generally much lower than in Russia. In addition, the longevity of citizens is high, which is caused by fast-developing medicine of a fairly high level. By 2020, local authorities plan to provide basic medical care to the entire population of the country at the expense of the state treasury.

These two countries are the best countries for pension migration for those who have been doing business here, have studied local specifics well, and are now ready to spend the rest of the days in the usual conditions.

The cost of real estate in these areas is quite affordable. In some localities decent housing can be purchased at the price of Moscow Khrushchev. So, for example, in Hurghada for one square of living space will have to pay 650 dollars.

Among the shortcomings is a rather hot summer. Sometimes the temperature here can reach 45 degrees. But quite comfortable conditions are different winter: 17-25 degrees with a plus sign.

In a word, one must definitely choose one country in which there will be more positive factors, because finding an absolutely perfect place will not be an easy task. Moreover, we should not forget that local authorities will also carefully study each applicant for residency status in order not to shoulder the burden of its content.

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