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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Blog Russian Emigration is a project of the Russian Emigration group on Facebook.

We are a group of like-minded people, people from the countries of the "former USSR", who speak mainly Russian and live outside our historic homeland. Of course, various reasons prompted us to leave the “native lands”, but most of us left for the main and obvious reason - the lack of prospects and opportunities to “breathe deeply”, in a sense of freedom and security, exactly like the disagreement with that direction of “development” ( but rather - degradation and stagnation), which our government chose, representing worthy successors of the "bloody cause" of Lenin and Stalin.

The goal of the group is to gather like-minded people in one place, sharing the views of the majority of participants on obscurantism, into which the country is plunging, to discuss problems and find their solutions, to help compatriots going abroad, as well as to those who have already made their choice. and the support of those who for one reason or another could not leave or decided to stay.

We are confident that the future of Russia is a democratic society, free from imposed dogmas and prohibitions, the main value of which is individual freedom and human life .

Russian emigration is a non - profit project that exists at the expense of personal contributions and the enthusiasm of its participants. We will be grateful for any financial support that will be directed exclusively to the marketing and development of the project .

Those wishing to provide support, we suggest using the following methods:

Cards of Russian banks and Yandex money - https://yasobe.ru/na/russkaya_emigraciya

PayPal - https://paypal.me/tornadoclub

Bitcoin - 1KXVTz3eWeoeTX4EGGD4Goekc1yv8NRmA1

Ether - 0x9b7211B2B613bAA961910D154eF5FFac27189d5D

VISA Hipotekarna Banka card (Montenegro) - 4213 5700 2023 6276

We emphasize that the project is non-commercial, in essence “unprofitable”. Without exception, all financial donations will go exclusively to advertising and development. Project administration has other sources of revenue 😉

I thank everyone who decides to support our project!

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