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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Moving from Russia to permanent residence in more civilized and economically developed countries is a rather popular idea. This is fixed by many opinion polls. Russians can be understood - we used to live in anticipation of the future, today we remember the great past, but we never build ourselves a normal present. Life goes on, people want ordinary comfort and clear perspectives. Many of those who want to emigrate are looking in the direction of European countries - Europe is relatively close, Europeans have a closer and more understandable mentality, life even in the states of the eastern part of the continent is not much better off than in our country. How to leave Russia to Europe for permanent residence - what opportunities exist in principle today for those who are determined to emigrate.

Which European countries should emigrate Russian citizen

Europe is a very broad concept and not a specific one. If you are going to move once in one of the European countries, it is advisable to understand in advance exactly which.

I’m hardly going to scrub floors in hotels in Europe or repair bathroom fixtures in toilets. Emigration for many implies new opportunities for the development of their talents. Therefore, you need to choose a country where such opportunities are as great as possible for you!

For example, Bulgaria is good for those who seek to open their own business in Europe. But getting a job there is very difficult (although it often depends on the specialty). Czech Republic and Germany are famous for their high level of medicine. Latvia is good for those who have money to invest and want to do it.

Eastern Europe is basically good for those who want to do their business in Europe. Eastern European countries are famous for how easy it is to register a new business here, and most importantly - to conduct it. In this case, the initial capital for their business, which is needed here, is not an example lower than that required in Western European countries.

How to move to permanent residence in Europe from Russia

There are several legal ways to emigrate to Europe. You can move there for permanent residence in the following situations:

  1. If you are a refugee.
  2. If your parents live in a European country.
  3. If you are an ethnic European.
  4. If you were hired by a European company.
  5. If you open your own business in a European country.
  6. If you marry a citizen of a European state.

Whatever method you use, in most situations, the procedure for obtaining full-fledged citizenship of a European state looks like this:

  • you get a residence permit
  • in 5-7 years you will be granted the right to permanent residence,
  • having obtained this right, you can apply for citizenship.

Let us consider in more detail how the procedure for obtaining permanent residence in Europe looks like for a Russian in a given situation. We will miss only two possible situations: if your parents live in Europe or if you yourself are an ethnic German, French, Greek, etc. These cases are more specific, and you should find out the details of moving to the embassy or consulate of your future country. Moreover, in such cases, emigration is as simple as possible.

Marriage to a European or a European

Marriage with a citizen of a European country is one of the most reliable ways to relocate for permanent residence and in the future receive citizenship of a European country. Family is an important value for Europeans, and the laws here are very loyal to such new residents.

It is clear that marriage can be fictitious. On the one hand, this is easier for you - you can't order the heart to love a person just for his passport. On the other hand, in European offices, the authorities are also not naive people sitting. Such newlyweds are closely watched, sometimes for years.

If you sincerely want to connect your life with a specific citizen of a European country, then be more careful with online dating. It is worth all the same better to know each other in real life. Marriages after dating online are not always strong.

The refuge

There are plenty of refugees in Europe without you. About this we all have heard well. It is in Europe that people flee from the Middle Eastern wars. Tellingly, such refugees seek it in Europe. Even getting to Russia, they perceive it only as an intermediate stage on the way to more developed states in the West.

In Russia, fortunately, there are no wars and humanitarian catastrophes on a global scale. So, the potential refugees, which Europe will accept, are rare.

Usually European countries accept such refugees from Russia who are threatened by the authorities in their homeland. And the threat of persecution in this case should not be theoretical (“I don’t like Putin, they can put me in jail for this”), but quite specific. If you have a criminal case brought up for political reasons or are threatened with agitation, you have a chance to legally emigrate to Europe. Although they are not guaranteed.

Study in Europe

We note immediately - studying at a European school does not give you any right to receive permanent residence. But you potentially get chances to conclude an employment contract with a European company, which will give you the opportunity to finally become legal on the continent.

Moving to Europe from Russia in order to get an education is mainly a question of finances.

Even if you manage to get an education for free or for relatively little money, you need to live somewhere, eat something, etc. You may be able to find some sort of side job, but without a certain initial capital, this option of moving in any case is impossible. Yes, and this method is suitable only for people of a certain age.

Work in Europe

In this case, you need to clearly understand: first found a job - then moved. Going to Europe in the hope of finding a workplace there is not a very promising occupation.

The first thing to remember is that European companies, according to local laws, can hire a foreigner only if his place cannot be occupied by a local resident. This means that the work is either so bad that the locals refuse it, or so good that Europe lacks such highly qualified personnel.

For example, Russian programmers successfully find work in Europe. Often, many of them do not even particularly strive to emigrate, everything goes by itself. employers themselves run after such people.

Therefore, there are not so many options in this case. Either you are a super-professional IT specialist, a doctor or an engineer, or you will need to work in the service sector for the most basic positions for many years.

Business in Europe

If you dream of your own business in one of the European countries, then at least you will need a certain initial capital. Europe willingly accepts emigrants who are willing to invest in the local economy.

However, recently these opportunities for Russians are becoming less. Too much corruption money from our country is trying to find a quiet haven on the continent. The laws of many European countries because of this tougher.

It is also worth remembering about one simple thing - if you did business well in Russia, this does not mean that things will go well in Europe. Specificity is too different, in Europe you need to work as honestly and openly as possible, never forgetting that the client is satisfied.

How not to do

The option of leaving Russia to Europe on a tourist visa and non-return is bad. You will almost have to remain in an illegal position until the end of your days, hiding from the authorities. You will not get any normal work, unless you can get disenfranchised laborers to questionable employers.

Look at how illegal immigrants from Central Asia live in Russia and think about whether you want a similar fate for yourself.

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This is an automatic translation.
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