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Emigration is an exam, the successful result of which depends on the level of preparation. It is up to the level of training whether you get what you want or not, or receive, but not what you expected.

Anything can be the impetus for making a decision on emigration: the political and economic situation in the country, adverse climatic conditions, health, the creation of a family, a dream job, the ability to do science or work, restless nature, etc. But between the "want" and "make" the abyss.

Moving to another country is one of the most responsible decisions that radically changes the whole life of a person and not of him alone. Therefore, it is necessary to start preparing yourself for emigration with the decision, which must be balanced, verified and unconditional, in order to avoid disappointment.

Stage of decision

At this stage, you must make a list of reasons why you want to leave the country of your current residence. And these should be strong arguments that really prevent you and your family from living and developing in this country, and not just because your classmate has moved to India and now lives in constant euphoria in merging with nature.

The second list should contain at least 10 rational reasons why you really need to move:

  • economy,
  • security level
  • opportunity to give your children a good education
  • favorable conditions for business development or scientific research,
  • desired climatic conditions (I want a lot of sun or I want a lot of snow) - this item, by the way, seriously affects the choice of country for immigration,
  • high level of medicine
  • etc.

Country selection stage

When you are finally convinced of the need for emigration and decide irreversibly, proceed to the choice of a country in accordance with your list of reasons, which can also be called a list of what you want to receive as a result of immigration. Given its requirements, the list of countries for immigration can be significantly reduced.

Next, you need to choose one of the countries favorable for you. For this, it is necessary to carefully study all the migration options offered by these countries, the possibility of obtaining permanent residence in the future, and, finally, applying for citizenship.

You must clearly understand that the stage of collecting information about the possibilities and the choice of a country takes quite a long time, so you should be patient for about a year to slowly and consciously make your choice. Or you can ask for help from professionals who, for money, will advise and provide comprehensive information on all countries and opportunities for you and your family. They will also help you to collect, prepare, fill out and send all the necessary documents for the launch of your personal emigration program.

Language learning stage

In most countries, migrants need only know English. The exceptions are France and Germany, where both for study and work requires knowledge of the state language.

Requirements for the level of knowledge of the English language vary depending on the purpose of your move to the country. Most often, those who wish to immigrate have to prove their knowledge of English either by documenting (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge English, etc.) or during an interview. Therefore, at least a year should be allotted for learning a language. Of course, this should be intensive with professionals, and not an independent looping in the wilds of free benefits available.

Even if you have the opportunity to immigrate with more sparing requirements for language skills, his knowledge will guarantee that you will be able to quickly adapt to another country, quickly find a job, quickly acquire new friends and connections, which will greatly ease the inevitable stress of moving when The euphoria of new impressions will pass.

Until departure

Put your finances in order: pay utilities, close loans, etc.
Movable and immovable property is either sold, or a power of attorney is issued, under which your attorney will dispose of it according to the contract between you.

Undergo a full medical examination to avoid unexpected health problems upon arrival in another country. Do not forget that medicine is everywhere paid. Pay special attention to dentistry, since dental treatment in other countries is very expensive.
If you have animals, it is necessary either to issue documents for transportation or to find a new owner for them.
Stock up on necessary medications to last for the first time, having previously studied the list of approved drugs for importation into the country.
Collect all the documents that you need, both for relocation, and for study or work.

The stage of preparation of the material base to start life in a new country

Of course, there is no standard amount that will provide you a comfortable stay in the first few months of adaptation. But you can roughly calculate:

  • The cost of rental housing plus a deposit in the amount of the monthly fee
  • Medical insurance
  • Fare
  • Mobile communication and Internet
  • Find out the average salary in the country and use for yourself as a living wage.

Now add up all five amounts, and multiply by 5-7 months - this will be for you the financial safety cushion that you need to create to move to another country.

This article lists five steps that will help you to prepare for high-quality emigration. Much of the above, you can easily do yourself, but still some important stages of preparation is better to shift to professionals, both before departure and upon arrival in another country.

The author - Yuri Mosha. Source: https://snob.ru/profile/31623/blog/145289

This is an automatic translation.
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