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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Nowadays, many people are thinking about how to emigrate from Russia to permanent residence in other, more civilized countries.

Emigration and relocation to another country for permanent residence is a complicated matter. It is associated with high monetary costs, problems with the arrangement in the new territory and the language barrier. That is why before leaving we recommend to study all the options, where it is better to emigrate from Russia and Ukraine, to stay there for permanent residence.

In Search of the Ideal Option

It is possible to move to a new country even for two people. The reasons for this include, in most cases, ignorance of the language, lack of special training, and the situation on the labor market. Undoubtedly, a highly qualified specialist will be able to find work in any part of the world, but a specialist in Russian language and literature can be left without work. And there are many similar nuances and subtleties.

There are 193 countries on the planet, each of which has its own views on the flows of immigrants.

Some states, such as Japan, believe that they "have enough people". In other countries, though difficult, but you can move, for example, to the United States. In other places, for example, Thailand or Bulgaria, almost everyone will be able to move. True, some of them will require sufficient financial resources. To absolutely legally obtain a residence permit, for example, in Spain you will need to buy a property. The cost of which in 2018 should be no less than 250,000 euros.

Much easier to emigrate

Where is it easier and easier to emigrate from Russia? Obviously, it is easier to move to a country where loyal immigration programs are present. Among the developed countries that show interest in the flow of people who want to permanently reside in their state, interest is shown:

  • England - one of the stable countries in the world, attracting flows of emigrants from Russia and Ukraine. Over the past two decades, more than 150,000 descendants of the disintegrated USSR have moved to this country
  • Canada is a country that is popular all over the world. A special program for immigrants from Russia and Ukraine has been developed in this country;
  • New Zealand is a country similar in terms of living conditions to immigrants with Canada. However, the state strictly assesses the abilities and education of a person, so it is easier to move with diplomas;
  • Australia is a large country in which a relatively small population lives. This is the reason for interest in emigrants from Ukraine. It is much easier and easier to emigrate to it than to most other countries.
  • USA - most of emigrants from Russia dream to go to this country. The advantages of the state are freedom in any sphere of society, the only nuance is that a citizen of America does not have the right to vote.

All programs for immigrants in these countries are significantly different. The only similar features are the following:

  • For those who want to emigrate a contest is carried out. During it and the results of which will determine the level of development, education, communication skills in the state language. In addition to this information, even a psychological portrait is taken into account;
  • How to choose a state for living? Each country offers several possibilities for moving to a permanent residence. For example, you can get to Canada as a qualified specialist in a certain field, an investor ready to invest in the country's economy, an entrepreneur, a representative of the profession that is needed in the state;
  • All the details of the move and all the information is in agreement for a long time, so there is time to think about how to arrange your life in the future.

It is also not difficult to move to live in some countries of Southeast Asia, for example, Thailand, India or Vietnam.

They can permanently live on various educational and tourist long-term visas. The procedure for obtaining these is very loyal, and it can last as long as desired. Their most important plus is cheap prices for rent and purchase of housing, clothing and food. In 2018, for Russians arriving for a short time, these are visa-free countries, so you can safely fly there and get to know them yourself. The stamp on which you can be in the country from 15 to 30 days you will be delivered directly at the airport. In Vietnam, you can be without a visa for 15 days, in Thailand - 30 days.

Read detailed information and a survey of countries in which you can emigrate, you can go to http://nuzhnaviza.ru/grazhdanstvo/emigraciya-iz-rossii/

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