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Blog "Русская эмиграция 🇷🇺"

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Immigration to the United States for many years remains a dream of different generations living in the CIS countries. A high standard of living, developed entrepreneurship, excellent business conditions make the country an ideal place to achieve its goals. A successful country attracts many, but not everyone can settle here for permanent residence. However, there are quite a few very real ways to get to America and stay here for a long time.

A little bit about America: location, climate, people and local cuisine

The state is stretched across the continent of North America in the Western Hemisphere and is assembled from 50 states: 48 of them border on each other, and two stand apart - this is the island of Hawaii in the Pacific and the giant Alaska Peninsula.

On a large territory of the state you can find a climate for every taste. In the main part of the country there is a moderate continental climate, in the east - high humidity, in the west - dry air. Alaska is an arctic climate, and Hawaii is a tropical climate. Often, residents are threatened by hurricanes, most of all they are exposed to southern states.

Read more here - https://migrantvisa.ru/immigraciya/pereezd-v-ameriku/

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